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  • Hi, I am Coach Tan

    Allow me to introduce about myself. I’ve been coaching and facilitating over the past 10 years. I have impacted more than 100companies of various size and industries, transformed more than 10,000 executives up to C'Suite.

    My speciality is in mind-setting and people development in organisations, to enhance better engagement and build a collaborative culture.

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  • What We Do

    Empower Individual To Be at Best Potential

    Executive Coaching 1 on 1

    Customise and Focus Outcome

    This is a series meet up between THECoach and Coachee, to first identify the outcome of the whole session. On average each session will take about 1 to 2hours and total meet up with coach, estimate about 6 to 10 sessions.

    Team Coaching For Alignment

    Making the team cooperative and dynamic

    No ones could challenge a high performing team, no hurdle that can not be overcome. When T.E.A.M. become aligned and leadership is strong, organisation will enjoy the benefits

  • Self Profiling Coaching

    60minutes with Coach Tan to fully understand about yourself and how you could improve in your communication

    Transformational Coaching

    Get a series of Coaching Sessions with Coach Tan. Transform yourself into a better you, challenge yourself to be better and achieving your dream


    Having difficulty to get your team to cooperate and perform at their best performance? Coach Tan have special method to make them reach their peak performance

    Corporate Package

    You have many Leaders who is not so good with People Managing? You want them to be able to contribute quicker to economy of your business?

    In Bigger Perspective

    90% of human being are living their life in their comfort zone, to step outside the unknown zone is not an easy step. By getting using our coaching service, you will be able to unlocked your blockages that stop or deter you from moving fast or forward

  • Testimonials

    Various happy clients that I have supported

    Client profile details is PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL

    Managing Director

    Oil & Gas Services

    Every time I meet up with Coach Tan, I always gain a lots from his sharing and his questions have open up my perspective. Many difficult issues could be managed in much quicker and simple ways

    Finance Manager

    Multi Level Marketing Co.

    Coach Tan help me in defining, searching, planning, and moving on with my own direction and future. I learn a better practical approach in achieving my career goal and know how to drive my future road map

    Regional Director

    Multi National Company

    Coach Tan approach is systematic and practical. I could utilise my awareness fast and he also like to challenge me to go beyond my comfort zone, I love his tactful and supportive yet firm in getting me to work.

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    Atria SOFO Suite, Jalan SS 22/23, Damansara Jaya
    8am to 5pm; Monday to Friday
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    Self Profiling Coaching

    1 session 60min with Coach Tan

    Only USD28

    Your information is 100% Private & Confidential


    Transformational Coaching

    6 to 9 months - 10 Sessions


    18% Less Sign-Up for 10Sessions

    FOC Personal DISC Profiling
    FOC 5 Public Sessions

    Team Coaching

    For Common Groups

    Corporate Package

    For Large Groups

    Customise solutions

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